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FAST Magnetometer Team Personnel

Dr. R. C. Elphic of the Los Alamos National Laboratory is the lead investigator for the fluxgate (DC) and search coil (AC) magnetometers that form part of the FAST instrument package. These magnetometers where built by the Space Physics Group at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, UCLA, under the guidance of Prof. C. T. Russell.


  • Dr. Rick Elphic, Los Alamos National Laboratory: Magnetometer team Lead Investigator. (email: relphic@lanl.gov)
  • Prof. Chris Russell, IGPP/UCLA: UCLA Principal Investigator for FAST magnetometer team.
  • Dr. Bob Strangeway, IGPP/UCLA: Research Scientist for FAST magnetometer team.


  • Joe Means, IGPP/UCLA: Project Management, searchcoil design.
  • Bob Snare, IGPP/UCLA: Project Management, satellite integration and Test.
  • Don Dearborn, IGPP/UCLA: Circuit board layout and design.
  • Dave Pierce, IGPP/UCLA: Fluxgate design and test.
  • William Greer, IGPP/UCLA: Fabrication.


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