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Modeling Methods and Validation

Contact us about participating in your challenge!

We're currently working with other focus groups on science-focused challenges:
ULF Waves
Mid-Tail Modeling
Dayside Kinetics
Ionospheric Outflow

Contact: Katherine Garcia-Sage, Lutz Rastaetter, Rob Redmon, and/or Mike Liemohn

We'll also have a general validation session at the upcoming GEM 2017 workshop, so stay tuned for details, and contact us if you'd like to be involved in any way.

Conductance Challenge

Hi everyone,

As we prepare for the upcoming GEM Workshop, I wanted to send out a reminder to everyone about our conductance challenge!

At Mini-GEM, we had talks by Steve Kaeppler, Tomoko Matsuo, Margaret Chen, and Bill Lotko.

Kaeppler - What does Incoherent Scatter Radar bring to Conductance Specification?


Matsuo - Role of the Conductance in Making Sense of High-latitude Geospace Observations


Chen - Efforts to Improve Modeling of Ionospheric Conductance and Inner Magnetospheric Electric


Lotko - M-I Coupling in Global MHD Simulations


We’re also preparing for the GEM Conductance Challege. We’ve selected for the first challenge 2016 Oct 13-15 ICME (Dst=-104, F10.7=95) This event is the same as the Outflow Challenge event #2, so we can expect some great overlap and collaboration there. If you have any conductance-related data or simulations, please bring them in June, and we’ll start crafting the mechanics of the challenge.

The following storms have also been suggested:

We’ll vote on the second challenge storm at our upcoming workshop, so come ready to discuss your favorite storm. If you have any to add to the list of potential storms, then let us know!

In addition to a session on our conductance challenge, we’ll also have a general validation session: Validation: Successes and Pitfalls, where we welcome new validation results that don’t fit into the other GEM sessions, as well as having a general discussion of best practices in model/data comparison and model validation.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in June!

Best, Katie, Rob, Lutz, and Mike

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